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Munoz, M.Bozzi, R.Garcia, F.Nunez, Y.Geraci, C.Crovetti, A.Garcia-Casco, J.Alves, E.Skrlep, M.Martins, J. MQuintanilla, R.Tibau, J.Kušec, G.; Djurkin-Kušec, I.Mercat, M. J.Riquet, J.Estelle, J.Zimmer, C.Razmaite, V. ; Araujo, J. P.Radović, Č.Savić, R.Karolyi, D.Gallo, M.Candek-Potokar, M.Fontanesi, L.Fernandez, A. IOvilo, C. Diversity across major and candidate genes in European local pig breeds PLOS One 13 (2018) 11, 0207475

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Molnar M.; Brahmbhatt, H.; Rastija, V.; Pavic, V.; Komar, M.; Karnas, M.; Babic, JEnvironmentally Friendly Approach to Knoevenagel Condensation of Rhodanine in Choline Chloride: Urea Deep Eutectic Solvent and QSAR Studies on Their Antioxidant Activity Molecules 23 (2018) 23, art. no. 1897

Vuksic, N.; Speranda, M.; Loncaric, Z.; Didara, M.; Ludek, E.; Budor, I. The effect of dietary selenium addition on the concentrations of heavy metals in the tissues of fallow deer (Dama dama L.) in Croatia Environmental Science and Pollution Research 25 (2018) 11, 11023-11033

Stupin, M.; Stupin, A.; Rasic, L.; Cosic, A.; Kolar, L.; Seric, V.; Lenasi, H.; Izakovic, K.; Drenjancevic, I. Acute exhaustive rowing exercise reduces skin microvascular dilator function in young adult rowing athletes European Journal of Applied Physiology 118 (2018) 2, 461-474

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Crncan, A.; Skrtic, Z.; Kristic, J.; Kralik, I.; Kranjac, D.; Hadelan, L. Multi-criteria decision-making model in the strategic planning of table egg production in the Republic of Croatia Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research 16 (2018) 2, art. no. E0105

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Vukobratovic, M. Loncaric, Z.; Vukobratovic, Z.; Muzic, M. Use of Composted Manure as Substrate for Lettuce and Cucumber Seedlings Waste and Biomass Valorization 9 (2018) 1, 25-31


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Masand, V. H.; El-Sayed, N. N. E.; Mahajan, D. T.; Rastija, V. QSAR analysis for 6-arylpyrazine-2-carboxamides as Trypanosoma brucei inhibitors SAR and QSAR in Environmental Research 28 (2017) 2, 165-


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Fabbri, E.; Caniglia, R.; Galov, A.; Arbanasic, H.; Lapini, L.; Boskovic, I.; Florijancic, T.; Vlasseva, A.; Ahmed, A.; Mirchev, R. L. Genetic structure and expansion of golden jackals (Canis aureus) in the north-western distribution range (Croatia and eastern Italian Alps) Conservation Genetics 15 (2014) 1, 187-199