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Q1 - 2023

Beslo, D (Beslo, Drago); Golubic, N (Golubic, Natasa); Rastija, V (Rastija, Vesna); Agic, D(Agic, Dejan); Karnas, M (Karnas, Maja); Subaric, D (Subaric, Domagoj); Lucic, B (Lucic, Bono): Antioxidant Activity, Metabolism, and Bioavailability of Polyphenols in the Diet of Animals, ANTIOXIDANTS, Published: JUN 2023

Gvozdanovic, K (Gvozdanovic, Kristina); Kralik, Z (Kralik, Zlata); Radisic, R (Radisic, Zarko);Kosevic, M (Kosevic, Manuela); Kralik, G (Kralik, Gordana); Kusec, ID (Djurkin Kusec, Ivona): The Interaction between Feed Bioactive Compounds and Chicken Genome, ANIMALS, Published: MAY 2023

Rastija, V (Rastija, Vesna); Vrandecic, K (Vrandecic, Karolina); Cosic, J (Cosic, Jasenka); Saric,GK (Saric, Gabriella Kanizai); Majic, I (Majic, Ivana); Agic, D (Agic, Dejan); Subaric, D (Subaric,Domagoj); Karnas, M (Karnas, Maja); Beslo, D (Beslo, Drago); Brahmbhatt, H (Brahmbhatt, Harshad);Komar, M (Komar, Mario): Antifungal Activities of Fluorinated Pyrazole Aldehydes on Phytopathogenic Fungi, and Their Effect on Entomopathogenic Nematodes, and Soil-Beneficial Bacteria, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES, Published: MAY 2023

Laznik, Z (Laznik, Ziga); Trdan, S (Trdan, Stanislav); Toth, T (Toth, Timea); Adam, S (Adam,Szabolcs); Lakatos, T (Lakatos, Tamas); Majic, I (Majic, Ivana): Discovery of Oscheius myriophilus (Nematoda: Rhabditidae) in Gastropods and Its Similar Virulence to Phasmarhabditis papillosa against Arion vulgaris, Deroceras reticulatum, and Cernuella virgate, AGRONOMY-BASEL, Published: MAY 2023

Popovic, BM (Popovic, Boris M.); Agic, D (Agic, Dejan); Pavlovic, RZ (Pavlovic, RuzicaZdero); Juric, T (Juric, Tatjana); Mladenov, V (Mladenov, Velimir): alpha-Glucosidase inhibitory activities of natural deep eutectic systems and their components: Ascorbate is a powerful inhibitor of a-glucosidase, JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR LIQUIDS, Published: AUG 2023

Grgas, D (Grgas, Dijana); Petrina, A (Petrina, Ana); Stefanac, T (Stefanac, Tea); Beslo, D(Beslo, Drago); Dragicevic, TL (Dragicevic, Tibela Landeka): A Review: Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances-Biological Degradation, TOXICS, Published: MAY 2023

Brozovic, B (Brozovic, Bojana); Jug, I (Jug, Irena); Durdevic, B (Durdevic, Boris); Ravlic, M(Ravlic, Marija); Vukadinovic, V (Vukadinovic, Vesna); Rojnica, I (Rojnica, Iva); Jug, D (Jug, Danijel): Initial Weed and Maize Response to Conservation Tillage and Liming in Different Agroecological Conditions, AGRONOMY-BASEL, Published: APR 2023

Susnjara, P (Susnjara, Petar); Mihaljevic, Z (Mihaljevic, Zrinka); Stupin, A (Stupin, Ana);Kolobaric, N (Kolobaric, Nikolina); Matic, A (Matic, Anita); Jukic, I (Jukic, Ivana); Kralik, Z (Kralik,Zlata); Kralik, G (Kralik, Gordana); Miloloza, A (Miloloza, Andelina); Pavosevic, T (Pavosevic, Tihana);Seric, V (Seric, Vatroslav); Loncaric, Z (Loncaric, Zdenko); Kerovec, D (Kerovec, Darko); Galovic, O(Galovic, Olivera); Drenjancevic, I (Drenjancevic, Ines): Consumption of Nutritionally Enriched Hen Eggs Enhances Endothelium-Dependent Vasodilation via Cyclooxygenase Metabolites in Healthy Young People-A Randomized Study, NUTRIENTS, Published: APR 2023

Bjedov, D (Bjedov, Dora); Velki, M (Velki, Mirna); Toth, L (Toth, Leontina); Marijic, VF(Marijic, Vlatka Filipovic); Mikuska, T (Mikuska, Tibor); Jurinovic, L (Jurinovic, Luka); Ecimovic, S(Ecimovic, Sandra); Loncaric, Z (Loncaric, Zdenko); Sariri, S (Sariri, Sara); Al Marsoomi, Y (Al Marsoomi,Yasir); Mikuska, A (Mikuska, Alma): Heavy metal(loid) effect on multi-biomarker responses in apex predator: Novel assays in the monitoring of white stork nestlings, ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION, Published: MAY 2023

Galic, L (Galic, Lucija); Galic, V (Galic, Vlatko); Ivezic, V (Ivezic, Vladimir); Zebec, V (Zebec,Vladimir); Jovic, J (Jovic, Jurica); Dikic, M (Dikic, Mirha); Filipovic, A (Filipovic, Adrijana); Manojlovic,M (Manojlovic, Maja); Almas, AR (Almas, Asgeir Rossebo); Loncaric, Z (Loncaric, Zdenko): Modelling Leverage of Different Soil Properties on Selenium Water-Solubility in Soils of Southeast Europe, AGRONOMY-BASEL, Published: MAR 2023

Golub, N (Golub, Nikolina); Galic, E (Galic, Emerik); Radic, K (Radic, Kristina); Jagodic, AM(Jagodic, Ana-Maria); Predovic, N (Predovic, Nela); Katelan, K (Katelan, Kristina); Tesla, L (Tesla, Lucija);Pedisic, S (Pedisic, Sandra); Vinkovic, T (Vinkovic, Tomislav); Cepo, DV (Cepo, Dubravka Vitali): Phyto-Assisted Synthesis of Nanoselenium-Surface Modification and Stabilization by Polyphenols and Pectins Derived from Agricultural Wastes, FOODS, Published: MAR 2023

Milkovic, SJ (Milkovic, Sanja Jelic); Loncaric, R (Loncaric, Ruzica); Kralik, I (Kralik, Igor);Kristic, J (Kristic, Jelena); Crncan, A (Crncan, Ana); Kusec, ID (Kusec, Ivona Djurkin); Canavari, M(Canavari, Maurizio): Consumers' Preference for the Consumption of the Fresh Black Slavonian Pig's Meat, FOODS, Published: MAR 2023

Radocaj, D (Radocaj, Dorijan); Siljeg, A (Siljeg, Ante); Marinovic, R (Marinovic, Rajko);Jurisic, M (Jurisic, Mladen): State of Major Vegetation Indices in Precision Agriculture Studies Indexed in Web of Science: A Review, AGRICULTURE-BASEL, Published: MAR 2023

Radocaj, D (Radocaj, Dorijan); Siljeg, A (Siljeg, Ante); Plascak, I (Plascak, Ivan); Maric, I(Maric, Ivan); Jurisic, M (Jurisic, Mladen): A Micro-Scale Approach for Cropland Suitability Assessment of Permanent Crops Using Machine Learning and a Low-Cost UAV, AGRONOMY-BASEL, Published: FEB 2023

Tucak, M (Tucak, Marijana); Horvat, D (Horvat, Daniela); Cupic, T (Cupic, Tihomir);Krizmanic, G (Krizmanic, Goran); Ravlic, M (Ravlic, Marija): Assessment of Alfalfa Populations for Forage Productivity and Seed Yield Potential under a Multi- Year Field Trial, AGRONOMY-BASEL, Published: FEB 2023

Kralik, Z (Kralik, Zlata); Kralik, G (Kralik, Gordana); Kosevic, M (Kosevic, Manuela);Galovic, O (Galovic, Olivera); Samardzic, M (Samardzic, Mirela): Natural Multi-Enriched Eggs with n-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids, Selenium, Vitamin E, and Lutein, ANIMALS, Published: JAN 2023

Wilczewski, E (Wilczewski, Edward); Sokol, B (Sokol, Beata); Nowicki, R (Nowicki,Radoslaw); Jug, I (Jug, Irena); Pietrzykowski, K (Pietrzykowski, Krzysztof); Galezewski, L (Galezewski,Lech): Response of Field Pea and Common Vetch, Grown as a Catch Crop, on the Sowing Method, AGRICULTURE-BASEL, Published: JAN 2023

Zalac, H (Zalac, Helena); Herman, G (Herman, Goran); Ergovic, L (Ergovic, Lara); Jovic, J(Jovic, Jurica); Zebec, V (Zebec, Vladimir); Bubalo, A (Bubalo, Ante); Ivezic, V (Ivezic, Vladimir): Ecological and Agronomic Benefits of Intercropping Maize in a Walnut Orchard-A Case Study, AGRONOMY-BASEL, Published: JAN 2023